Due to limited foster capacity and very limited funds HRS Chicago cannot accept owner surrendered rabbits into our fostering network. We must accept only the most urgent cases, abandoned animals captured by field rescuers and those rabbits scheduled for euthanasia in shelters.

If you adopted your rabbit from a rescue or shelter, you are obligated to return the rabbit to them per your adoption contract.

There are avenues for finding a new home for a pet rabbit. Perhaps the information below will help you rehome your rabbit.

  1. Here is a link to some suggestions for finding an adoptive home for your rabbit.
    https://www.dupagecounty.gov/government/departments/animal_services/services/rehome_your _pet.php
    We hope that they will help you find an appropriate and responsible new owner. Please encourage the new owner to reach out to us with any questions about care and welfare.
  2. Network with everyone you know. That includes people to whom you may have never mentioned your pet bunny before. Everyone–relatives, friends, co-workers, parents of the children with whom your children go to school–should be considered a potential source of information about a new home for the bunny.
  3. Consider placing an ad on Adopt a Pet or rabbit.rescueme.org/illinois. Always request an adoption fee and screen inquiries carefully.
  4. The last avenue is to work with a local animal shelter or humane society. There are 3 shelters in the area that are “open” shelters which means they will accept any animal that is brought in. There may be a surrender fee involved. They do their best to place the rabbits in homes or with various rescue groups but they cannot guarantee that they will not euthanize if they become overfull. You can check with them for terms and conditions.

Anti-Cruelty Society
157 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60654-7174
(312) 644-8338

Chicago Animal Care & Control
2741 S. Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 747-1406

DuPage County Animal Services
120 N. County Farm Rd
Wheaton, IL 60187
(630) 407-2800

Some other local shelters will take rabbits on a space-available basis. Please check petfinder.com for shelters that adopt out rabbits.

If the health of your rabbit is at risk, please email us at info@hrschicago.org