If you have found an injured wild rabbit or abandoned cottontail babies, please contact your nearest licensed wildlife rehabber. We are not legally able to help wildlife. DO NOT feed or offer water to any wild rabbit because it's very likely to do more harm than good. Try to handle any wild rabbit as little as possible because they are very susceptible to capture myopathy which can seriously harm or kill them.

To find your nearest rehabber, search at www.AHNow.org

If you have found an abandoned domestic rabbit, please contact your local animal control. Most animal control agencies will network with rescues to get the rabbit placed with a rabbit rescue after their legal stray hold is over.

If your local animal control refuses to take the rabbit, try Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago.

If the domestic rabbit is critically injured or ill, or you aren't sure if the rabbit is wild or domestic, please email us at info@hrschicago.org