Rabbits are not low-maintenance pets
Prepping salads, cleaning the litter box, and providing the attention rabbits need all require time and energy. Bunnies can be messy and will require daily cleaning of their space. A common reason rabbits are abandoned, surrendered or returned is “they’re more work than we expected.”

Rabbits are not great pets for children
Since rabbits enjoy a quiet home and aren’t typically cuddly or attention seeking like cats and dogs, kids lose interest quickly. Another common reason rabbits are abandoned, surrendered or returned is the kids are allergic or the kids got bored.

Rabbits are prey animals so keeping them safe from dogs & cats is important
Rabbits can die of fright at the sound or sight of predators, or from being chased. They’re easily injured because they have very fragile skeletal systems. They generally do not enjoy being handled because they feel as though they’ve been caught by a predator when lifted off the ground.

Rabbits can live 10-15 years (or more!) and need stability in their golden years
Senior bunnies often require specialized care. They can develop chronic conditions like arthritis and kidney disease and may need special accommodations to keep them happy and healthy.

Caring for a rabbit can be quite costly
Due to the specialized care they require, Rabbits can cost $100+/month. They have a specialized diet and can become quite ill if they have a poor diet. Veterinary care, including yearly vaccinations, is generally more costly than for cats and dogs. It can be difficult to find a rabbit savvy vet, even in major cities. Nationwide is the only insurance company that covers rabbits in the US.

Rabbits need space
Contrary to once popular belief, rabbits are not cage animals! You’ll need to have space for a pen, or a room that can be sectioned off for the bunny to live in. The Rabbit Welfare Association recommends access to 10ft x 6ft at all times. They should also stay indoors for their health and safety.

Rabbits can be messy and destructive
Bunnies can be very determined to get into trouble! Any space they have access to should be bunny proofed. Plants should be kept out of the way, cords, corners and trims should be covered and protected.

Rabbits require companionship
Rabbits are social animals and should always have at least one bonded partner. It’s against welfare laws in some countries to keep single rabbits because companionship of their own kind is so important. Bonded bunnies are happier and healthier and are generally LESS work than single bunnies because they can entertain each other and display fewer boredom behaviors. All rabbits must be spayed and neutered before bonding!!!